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Auto Diagnostics on your vehicle can be a very challenging task to complete on your own. Knowing the codes, having an auto diagnostic tool necessary to test and making the right deciscions are all things that should be given to a trusted mechanic with years of experience and great reviews. Sounds Familiar? Well we here at Keegan Auto are here to fill that void if you cannot find one. Whatever your repair needs, we will service your vehicle with trained technicians as fast and efficient as possible weather you are in North Hampton,NH or any surrounding areas in the state of NH, we can help you out.


Brake Repair | Keegan Auto

New Hampshire State law requires all vehicles 1996 or newer to have an on board diagnostic test as part of the inspection. These systems monitor performance of emissions and other vehicle parts so that if there is a defect in one of the components that may cause pollution or other hazardous safety concerns for the public the driver will know about it. There is more detail and information about this at the New Hampshire DMV site regarding emissions safety and On-Board Diagnostics.